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Technicnoord is een technische opleidingsinstelling die opleidingen op MBO-niveau 3 en 4 aanbiedt in mechatronica en mechanisch- of proces operator. Ze bereiden studenten voor op succesvolle carrières in de technologie- en engineeringsector.

Become a tech expert and conquer the future!

Technicnoord is a technical training institution offering courses at MBO levels 3 and 4 in mechatronics and mechanical or process operator. They prepare students for successful careers in the technology and engineering sector.

Technicnoord is a training company and an initiative of Variass, Beenen, Philips, Resato and Ventura. Together with Firda - MBO College Drachten - we train future talent to become technical professionals. Technicnoord is affiliated to the Drachten innovation cluster

What does Technicnoord stand for?

Vocational Guided Learning courses

Technicnoord offers BBL courses at MBO levels 3 and 4.

Work-learning combination

Working three days at an approved apprenticeship company and going to school two days a week.

No study costs

The cost of the study will be paid by Technicnoord.

Recognised MBO diploma

Upon successful completion of your course, you will receive an MBO diploma that is nationally recognised.

Ventura Systems HQ Kantoor

Technicnorth at Ventura

At Ventura, you can complete the work part of a BBL course in mechatronics and mechanical or process operator. That means you work at Ventura (and gain knowledge) and complete the study part elsewhere. You will receive personal guidance within our company to enable you to do your work well but also, of course, to learn and gain practical experience.

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For more information on the BBL courses and information on conditions, application, etc., visit the Technicnoord website.