Total quality management

quality is the best business plan

Total Quality Management (TQM) is responsible for ensuring consistency and improvement of products, services and processes within an organisation. TQM promotes a culture of continuous improvement, customer focus and efficiency. Within Ventura, we work according to the IATF 16949 automotive quality system that emphasises risk assessment, process optimisation and customer satisfaction. Quality is important to Ventura. This is because we believe that deploying Ventura door systems makes every vehicle better, and with that comes the very best quality.

Total quality management departments

Process engineering

The Process engineer analyses, designs and optimises production processes, with the aim of improving efficiency, reducing costs and improving quality.

Quality control

Quality control inspects, evaluates and monitors incoming goods to ensure they meet established quality standards and specifications.

Quality specialists

A Quality specialist is responsible for ensuring compliance with established regulations. She ensures that processes set up by other departments comply with regulations.

Supply development engineering

This department is responsible for supplier development in terms of quality performance and delivery reliability. They therefore monitor supplier performance and intervene where necessary.

current vacancies in Total quality management

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