Logistics includes planning, execution and management of goods and information flows in supply chains.

Logistics is always on the move within Ventura

Literally and figuratively. Our door systems are used all over the world by manufacturers operating in countries such as Egypt, Poland, Vietnam or China. Administratively, it brings great challenges to manage the export of our products every day. We usually make arrangements for customers to pick up our door systems, so we do not have a large fleet of trucks. However, logistics is more than just preparing goods.

In fact, internal logistics is also an important task for our colleagues working in the Logistics department. They are responsible for internal logistics and collecting parts needed by the Production department to process an order. Logistics collects the materials based on the order form and they ensure that all materials are present when door systems are assembled. Internal and external logistics must work well together to keep everything running smoothly within the company.

educational backgrounds

If you are looking for a position within the Logistics field, it is preferable to have had a logistics education. It is possible to enter from another educational background but common educational backgrounds within this field are:
Ventura Systems Logistiek Heftruck

functions within the field Logistics

duties and responsibilities

Inventory management: managing the right amount of stock is essential to meet demand without excessive costs. The Logistics department is responsible for planning and maintaining stock levels.
Order picking: the department collects parts and materials for the assembly of door systems in production.
Transport and distribution: arranging the transport of goods from suppliers to warehouses and from warehouses to customers.
Warehouse management: efficiently managing warehouses is essential to ensure the proper storage, picking and shipping of goods. This includes organising warehouse space, establishing procedures for handling goods and managing warehouse staff.
Supply chain optimisation: the logistics department is responsible for continuously improving supply chain processes to reduce costs, shorten lead times and increase overall efficiency.
Compliance and regulation: logistics departments must comply with applicable regulations in the areas of transport, customs, safety and environmental protection. This includes keeping track of changes in laws and regulations and ensuring that the department's activities comply with the law.

characteristics of department Logistics


Within this great team, there is always time for a chat and conviviality.

Stronger together

Within logistics, you work a lot with other departments. So you have daily contact with colleagues from other departments.

Global impact

Our products are deployed all over the world. So in Logistics, there is a lot of international cooperation.

Opportunities for advancement

Within logistics, there is plenty of room for development or variety within functions.

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