Procurement involves strategically acquiring goods and services at optimal cost, managing supplier relationships, quality, and sustainability to strengthen organisations' value chain.

the right price, place, quality and time

This is what purchasing is all about: the availability of parts at the most favourable factors. Within the field of Purchasing, Ventura has three levels: strategic purchasing in the Strategic Technical Buying department, operational purchasing in the Logistics department and Material Planning in the Order Team. Together, they ensure the availability of parts for our production based on the just-in-time principle. They check suppliers on KPIs of delivery and quality performance. This is very important for an order-driven organisation like Ventura, where lead times are short.

educational backgrounds

If you are looking for a position within the Procurement field, the educational backgrounds are quite broad. It is therefore possible to enter from a different educational background. Common educational backgrounds within this field are:
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functions within the field Procurement

duties and responsibilities

Procurement strategy: procurement is responsible for developing a procurement strategy in line with the organisation's technological needs and objectives. This includes determining the technical specifications of the goods or services needed.
Supplier management: identifying, evaluating and selecting suppliers who can provide technical products or services that meet the organisation's requirements. This may include negotiating contracts and agreements with suppliers.
Cost control: It is the responsibility of the technical strategic buyer to develop and implement cost control strategies. This may include negotiating prices, looking for cost-saving opportunities and managing budgets.
Risk management: Technology procurement can be associated with specific risks, such as changes in technology or supply issues. Buyers need to identify these risks and develop strategies to manage them.
Collaboration: The role often requires close collaboration with internal departments, such as R&D, engineering, and operations teams, to ensure that the procured technology goods or services fit seamlessly into business processes.

characteristics of department Procurement

Growth opportunities

Within the field, you can grow and develop well.

Important part

You have an important role within the supply chain.

Global impact

You work with suppliers at an international level.


Sometimes you will travel to suppliers at home and abroad.

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