technology is our right to exist

We are at the forefront of technology. Not surprisingly, most departments fall under this discipline. The departments that focus on the technology of our products, from mechanical to electrical to software, fall under the Technology department.

Our product consists of three main components: a mechanism for creating movement, door leaves with rubbers and glass, and a set of door rods with fasteners. Three key elements that are not as standard as thought. In fact, our products are custom-made for our customers. So every department is involved in their development.

Technology departments


Innovation turns creative ideas into innovative solutions. In this department, they identify trends, research market needs and realise prototypes.

Product development

Product development focuses on designing, developing, testing and improving products, processes or systems. Their work is essential for innovation and the advancement of technology.


The software for our control units is written by this department. They translate customer requirements into software so that the door systems operate as desired.

Mechanical & Electrical

At Mechnical, they make prototypes and test whether concepts are producible. Electric colleagues optimise electronic connections and support product development.


The Homologation department evaluates and certifies products to ensure they meet legal standards and safety regulations for wider distribution or use.

current vacancies in Technology

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