Ventura Aid

charity is not a duty, it is a joy

In 2009, Ventura Aid was created with the idea of highlighting Ventura Systems' social commitment. Not just a company where innovative door systems are made, but a company where the proceeds are used to give something back to society.

We hope that employees feel proud or at least positive that they work for a company that shows social commitment and that they are enabled to contribute directly to it themselves.

What does Ventura Aid do?

Annual donation

Each employee may nominate a charity annually for a donation of €250.

Long-term projects

At home and abroad, we support long-running projects to make a difference.

Local impact

Locally, we support associations and initiatives. Structurally or incidentally.

Increase visibility

We increase visibility and knowledge about various charities among our employees.

overview of projects & initiatives

G-team S.C. Bolsward
Ventura Aid provides S.C. Bolsward's g-team with a financial contribution, along with sportswear and other supplies. Our aim is to continue to make football possible for this target group.
Ventura Aid has set up several projects in Kenya, including in the field of employment, healthcare and housing. In cooperation with Dorcas, the initiatives are visited and evaluated.
Clothing van SWF
Ventura Aid has sponsored a bus for the clothing bus SWF initiative, a bus where people with a small wallet can get quality clothing along with a cup of coffee. The clothing bus is an initiative of the caritas of 'De Zalige Titus Brandsmaparochie', of Bolsward, Workum, Makkum, Witmarsum and of Ventura Aid.
Aid for Ukraine
Ventura Aid organised an aid campaign for Ukraine in the form of food parcels in cooperation with employees. Through a joint collection, 140 parcels could be delivered to families in need.
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the team

Ventura Aid's mission and vision is carried out by a team of employees and family members of shareholders. Together, they select projects, approve charity applications from employees and help promote Ventura Aid. Inside and outside the company. Together, the team wants to maximise the impact they can have, but feeling good is also important. After all, those who share can multiply.

In 2009 is Ventura Aid ontstaan vanuit de gedachte om de maatschappelijke betrokkenheid van Ventura Systems te belichten. Niet alleen een bedrijf waar innovative deursystemen worden gemaakt, maar ook een bedrijf waar met de opbrengsten iets wordt teruggegeven aan de samenleving. Naast het feit dat Ventura op deze manier haar steentje bijdraagt om de wereld hopelijk een beetje mooier te maken, hopen wij ook dat medewerkers zich trots of in ieder geval positief voelen dat zij voor een bedrijf werken dat zich maatschappelijk betrokken toont en dat zij in staat worden gesteld daar zelf ook direct aan bij te dragen.

charities sponsored by employees

Ventura Aid bezig met projecten in Kenia

what does Aid mean to you?

We hope that through Ventura Aid, employees will want to contribute to a better world, without having to use their own money directly. However, it remains a possibility, not an obligation. We help employees who want to start initiatives such as a running race or a donation drive for a local charity. Are you someone who likes to give or someone who has great ideas for making the world a bit better? Then you can give substance to that within Ventura. Do you just want to choose a charity once a year for a donation of 250 euros? Then that's just fine too. 

Charity is not a duty, it is a joy.