In the fast-changing world, robust staff services are essential. They ensure continuity in operations and support processes of other disciplines.

the glue that holds everything together

In the fast-changing world, robust staff services are essential. Our HR and Finance teams are the backbone of success, from talent management to financial strategies. From financial statements to human resources management. The field takes many forms but all have a similar place in the organisation. They perform vital functions to ensure business continuity. They are the glue that holds everything together.

educational backgrounds

The educational backgrounds for positions within HR and Finance are very broad but the most common are:
Entree Ventura Systems

functions within the field Business

duties and responsibilities

HR: responsible for recruitment & selection, setting up and implementing personnel policy, personnel development and formulating strategic HR policy.
Finance: responsible for accounting, budgeting and cash flow management. Also responsible for financial reporting and accountability.
Facilities Management: Responsible for managing physical facilities, including building maintenance, security, and facility planning.
Reporting: departments within the area of operations provide capture and reporting of information that serves as input to Ventura's management team.

characteristics of department Business

Stronger together

Cross-departmental cooperation is very important.

Short lines

The lines of communication are short within Ventura. So help is never far away.

Global impact

You will come into contact with various cultures and locations abroad.

Multidisciplinary teams

You work in teams from different departments to achieve a common goal.

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