About us

we welcome millions of people every day

Ventura Systems is the leading manufacturer of innovative door systems for urban transport. Our products are supplied to many renowned manufacturers of buses, autonomous vehicles and trucks worldwide. We are driven by a passion for improving the quality of urban transport, helping to create safer, greener and smarter cities.

What started small has since grown into a global organisation with branches in Bolsward, Germany, USA, Hong Kong and Australia. More than 275 professionals now work at Ventura Systems with great enthusiasm and pleasure.

what do we stand for?

Strong together

You can go faster alone but further together. We combine the knowledge, skills and experience of all our people.

Unique technology

Our right to exist is technology. Cutting-edge and progressive. That is what makes us unique.

Global impact

Our products can be found worldwide, as can our colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Vision for growth

Personal growth is quite normal with us. We grow every day and so do our people.

Ventura Systems HQ Kantoor


Ventura was founded in 1994 with nothing more than an innovative idea and a lot of ambition. Ventura's name comes partly from embarking on a new adventure (adventure) and the Spanish '(a la buena) ventura' or (by good) luck. Ventura originated in Bolsward and the head office is still located there. Meanwhile, our products can be found all over the world.

our product

We manufacture automatic door systems for vehicles such as buses, trucks and autonomous vehicles. These ensure that passengers can get in and out safely and that transporters can rely on a reliable door system. A complete door system consists of a mechanism, door blades and an installation kit. A perfect combination of hardware and software, which improves vehicle quality.

our markets

You will find our door systems all over the world in buses, trucks and autonomous vehicles. Chances are you can spot our product during a city trip. This is because we are the market leader and work with the largest OEMs in the world. Our markets have one thing in common, they all fall under urban (passenger) transport. This is where our door systems come into their own: cities with lots of passengers and activity.

Ventura in pictures

what do we have to offer?

You don't just work for fun. We list the most important conditions of employment for you:

Collective labour agreement MetalElectro

Good collective labour agreement with good salary and pension. It offers clarity, security and equality.

8 weeks off per year

Based on 40 hours, you are entitled to 27 holidays + 13 ADV days. This allows you to combine private and work life.

Flexible working hours

In the office, you start and leave between 7:30 - 9:00 and 16:30 - 18:00. Start earlier or later? No problem.

Space for working from home

Depending on your position, you can work more flexibly by combining office days with working from home.

Focus on development

Want to increase your knowledge or learn another language? We will help you. Even if you are out of place.

Attendance bonus

Don't take sick leave? Then we reward you with a bonus of €500 net per year.


With the company or within your team, we organise various outings; fairs, BBQs, get-togethers, you name it!

Free fruit

Every week you can grab free fruit. Compensate nicely for the monthly treat that is often a bit less healthy.

Ventura Aid

Every year, you may donate €250 to a charity of your choice. This is how we contribute together to a better world.

from application to your first day at work

Have you found a nice and suitable vacancy? If so, we would love to talk to you! You can apply for a vacancy via the application form or by sending an e-mail to hr@venturaystems.com. Do you prefer personal contact before applying? Send us a message and we will get in touch with you.

what can you expect during the application process?

If you are the right candidate, we will invite you for an introductory interview. We will tell you in advance who you will have an interview with and what is expected of you. That way, there are no surprises.







Do we both have a good feeling after the introductory interview? Then we will be happy to schedule a follow-up interview with some colleagues from your department so that they, as well as you, have a chance to meet.

Are there no more doubts or questions? Then we will be happy to invite you for an employment interview with the aim of mutual approval.

Time to sign. You will receive the employment contract and all the necessary paperwork from us for a successful start.

Before your first day starts, you will receive from us the time you are expected and a familiarisation schedule for the first few weeks. That way you know exactly where you stand.

On your first working day, you will receive a welcome package with a surprise so you can really get going. You will also receive a presentation about Ventura after a familiarisation period with several colleagues.