Service & Aftersales

good service makes the difference

Once our door systems are received by the customer it does not stop for us, we continue with our services. A Ventura door system lasts as long as the vehicle so that is why we offer service, training and spare parts for our products. Are there any questions or complaints? Then a customer can contact our Customer Support department. This applies to both our direct customer the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and the indirect customer the carrier.

Our products are deployed all over the world, which is why our service departments operate at a global level. Our service engineer travel to OEMs and carriers to provide on-site service if remote support is not possible. In doing so, they receive support from local service partners. We also offer comprehensive training programmes for installing or maintaining our door systems.

Service & Aftersales departments

Service & Training

Service provides on-site maintenance and repair of door systems. They also provide training to technical staff who maintain our door systems.

Customer support

This department answers questions and deals with problems and then resolves them. They identify trends, order the specific parts and cooperate with Service.

Global parts

This is where parts are sold and supplied for door systems that have been commissioned. They also keep in touch with our service and parts partners.

current vacancies in Service & Aftersales

Op dit moment zijn er geen openstaande vacatures binnen deze afdeling. Heb je interesse om bij ons te werken? Stuur ons gerust een unsolicited application, zodat we kunnen onderzoeken of er een geschikte positie voor je is.